LANZA Bodyfying liquid

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1 flacone da 200 ml

Gel voluminizzante e ammorbidente

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Lanza Bodyfying liquid gel è un gel liquido per ingrossare cosmeticamente il fusto del capello.

Keratin Bond System 2TM: Exclusive healing system containing Keratin Amino Acids, Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex, and Moisture Retain Complex that renews hair from within to create health, softness and shine.

COMFREY ROOT EXTRACT: Instant hair nourishment. The salve made from the oil infusion of dried Comfrey roots and leaves is a very rich remedy containing vital trace minerals and elements.

ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT: A natural antiseptic with an invigorating effect on both body and mind, effectively used to cleanse and condition hair.

NETTLE EXTRACT: Rich in minerals and plant hormones. Used in folk medicine to stimulate hair growth.

PANTHENOL: Vitamin B derivative that builds body, conditions and moisturizes hair.

Vitamin B-1

Vitamin B-12

Hold Factor:
5 (medium)

Sui capelli appena lavati e tamponati, applicare una piccola quantità di prodotto sulle lunghezze e massaggiare dalla radice alle punte. mettere in piega.
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